What we do

AAP is a European rescue centre and sanctuary for primates and other exotic mammals. Based in the Netherlands, we house animals from all over Europe. They have been confiscated, abandoned or offered by private owners as a result of illegal trade, were being exhibited in illegal zoos or used in biomedical research or the entertainment industry.

AAP specialises in housing primates, but other small, non-domesticated mammals, such as raccoons, skunks and prairie dogs, also find shelter at our centre. Many of the animals have a history of abuse and neglect. At AAP they receive the professional care needed for their physical and mental recovery. After a careful process of rehabilitation, long-term solutions are sought through outplacement. We aim to outplace our animals in relatively natural environments, such as renowned zoos and animal parks.

On average, AAP houses aroud 400 animals at a time (50 of which in Primadomus in Spain).
In 2013 a total of 281 animals found shelter at AAP and 215 animals were outplaced.

In this section you will find more information about our activities. Information about how AAP is organised can be found in About AAP.

OpvangRescue and rehabilitation

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Wet & regelgevingPolicy department

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Learn more about how and where AAP seeks permanent housing for its animals
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